Great online training doesn't have to take incredible amounts of time and expense to build. Our eLearning development process offers companies a training solution that saves time and money, while improving the employee-learner experience.  

STAGE 1: Choose

Our library includes dozens of functional, effective, great-looking training courses for you to choose from. Some organizations use our courses as is. Most likely you'll want edits specific to your brand and learning objectives. Regardless of your need, when we say one-stop-shop, we mean it. Our eLearning experts handle instructional design, new content creation, storyboard development, graphic design, and programming.

If what you want is a great eLearning course that's ready to deliver, then go no further. Simply choose a course and start learning.

STAGE 2: Customize

Our courses are fully customizable, meaning we can edit scripts, update storyboards, change the design, and tailor delivery to suit your company's needs. Want a course with your branding and tone of voice? We've got you covered. Looking to add your company policies and documents? No problem. By using our existing courses and our expert team, we'll match courses to your company style, saving you valuable resources and development time.

STAGE 3: Deliver

Time to load and deploy. When the course is ready, we'll send you the course package to upload into a Learning Management System (LMS) so you can assign it to users. If you need support with your LMS, we're happy to work with your administrator to ensure courses load and function properly. And, if you don't have an LMS or aren't able to use your company LMS (e.g., you need to train people who aren't your employees) then we can host the course for you! 

STAGE 4: Report

Measure learner performance and engagement with our built-in reporting functions. With your subscription, you can track individual user and group progress and completion status, plus objective and interactive data according to course design. The best part of it all? We can build customized reporting based on your learning objectives.  


You can save thousands using one of our titles as a baseline and then customizing it to meet your specific needs. Contact an eLearning consultant for more information!

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