Course Description:

The purpose of this scissor lift safety training course is to give you a better understanding of the dangers that aerial lifts pose and how to properly use them. Upon completion of this training you will learn what classifies as a scissor lift, statistical information on scissor lift usage and accidents that can occur while using scissor lifts as well as how to properly use of a scissor lift.

Scissor Lift Safety Training Course Content:

  • What classifies as a scissor lift.
  • Statistical information on scissor lift usage and accidents that can occur.
  • The dangers of using this type of equipment
  • How to properly use a scissor lift

Scissor Lift Training Course Features:

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Why is Lift training important?

It should be noted that the most common type of accident on an aerial lift is caused by tip-over events, misuse of equipment and lack of maintenance. However, the greatest risk when using aerial lifts come from falls. Aerial lifts help us to complete tasks that are high in elevation or difficult to reach with ladders. Furthermore, these machines have been created to make it easier to do these tasks, they come with great responsibility and potential danger.

Keeping an eye out for any potential dangers, and following the tips recommended in this training should help in your success as an aerial lift operator.

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