Course Description:

The purpose of this safe lifting training is to teach you proper lifting techniques in order to avoid injury. Back injuries account for about one in every five job-related injuries in the workplace.  Back injuries are no laughing matter for workers that lose time from work or personal activities.  Most of the pain and lost time can be prevented if you are aware of how the back functions and how to lift safely to protect your back.

Course Content:

  • The anatomy of the back
  • Applying a common-sense approach to lifting a load
  • The proper steps for lifting & moving a load from one location to another.

Course Features:

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Why is Safe Lifting training important?

Back injuries are the most common work-related medical problem in the United States.  The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that at least one million Americans experience a back injury annually and these injuries represent 20 percent of all injuries in the workplace.  Back injuries don’t only harm your back – they harm the bottom line, too.  It is estimated that back injuries cost Americans about $60 billion dollars each year and $15 billion is paid out in back related workers’ compensation claims annually.

Your back is vital to maintaining your overall good health and it’s easier to prevent a back injury than to treat one once you’ve injured it.  Protect your back by using sound lifting techniques and a common sense approach to lifting.  If you have any questions about safe lifting techniques speak with your supervisor or a member of management. Thanks for taking the time today to learn how to lift safely.

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