Course Description:

Every day hackers find new ways to infiltrate your devices and accounts. The purpose of this Anti-Phishing course is to educate learners on how to identify those attacks and learn what we can be done to stop cyber-criminals in their tracks. 

Course Content:

  • Various common types of phishing attacks
  • How to identify attacks
  • Examples of phishing 
  • How to defend against attacks
  • Tips for identifying phishing emails
  • Password protection

Course Features:

  • Ready to Deploy: Purchase the course “as-is” and load into your Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Editable Source Files: Articulate Storyline source files are available for purchase so you can customize the course to fit your specific needs. View Pricing Here.
  • Customization Support: Need help? We are available to add your logo, corporate colors, fonts, and custom content. Click here to ask for a quote.

Why is Anti-Phishing training important?

Phishing is a form of social engineering that uses electronic communications to deceive people into doing things they wouldn’t typically do, like share passwords to sensitive personal or business accounts. This can lead to major monetary losses, data breaches, and other negative outcomes.



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