Course Description:

The purpose of this ladder safety training course is to prepare learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate ladders safely. When you’re on a ladder or on a scaffold, you are trusting your well-being and even your life to it.  Therefore, if you don’t take every precaution, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  So, the rules for using these tools are there to protect you; know them, follow them, and keep yourself safe.

 Course Content:

  • How to minimize the risk of falls on your job sites
  • The different types of ladders and scaffolds and how to use each one correctly
  • Transporting ladders
  • Ladder ratings
  • Choosing a ladder
  • Pitch and height
  • Using extension ladders
  • Stabilizing ladders
  • The OSHA safety requirements for scaffold and ladder use

Course Features:

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Why is Ladder Safety training important?

Falls are responsible for nearly half of fatalities in the residential construction industry.  Of these, over a third of them were falls from ladders and scaffolds.  Hundreds of people die every year because the proper safety procedures were either not in place or not followed correctly.

Also, of the top ten most frequent violations of OSHA standards, nine of them involve inadequate fall protection.

This is a very serious issue with grave repercussions, and it is very important that you know what you’re doing when it comes to protecting yourself against this kind of accident.


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