Course Description:

This Electrical Safety Training course has been designed to educate employees on the dangers of working with electricity and safety practices to prevent injury. There are a lot of dangers to working with electricity. Unfortunately, many of these dangers are created or worsened by inadequate protection or improper practices. This training will take a look at some of the usual problems and some of the ways you can protect against them.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Course Content:

  • Electrical injury types
  • Electrical terminology
  • Hazards
  • Electrical Protective Devices
  • Safety procedures to prevent injury (including LOTO)
  • OSHA Electrical requirements

Course Features:

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Why is Electrical Safety training important?

Any employees putting themselves at risk in any way must always receive proper training before they perform their tasks.

Remember, it’s very easy to take shortcuts with electricity. Please note that electrical safety is one of the most often violated of OSHA standards. Keep things grounded, insulated, and protected, and always follow procedure.

An average of one worker is electrocuted on the job each day. Electricity is a serious workplace hazard that can result in serious injuries and even fatalities if you are not properly trained.

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